Spank-chronicity II


Another suburban prison morning. The punishment yard belches whip lash and screaming into the sky…

With lash 61 of the strapping, Stacey’s state of crying began to return. Her reddened, swollen bottom cheeks had already suffered the equivalent of six spankings. She began to wonder how much strapping someone could take before their butt actually fell apart. But she quickly dismissed the idea of…

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Spank-chronicity - part 1

Spank-chronicity – part 1


Stacey, almost unconsciously, rubbed her bottom as she thought about her sentence of 128 strokes of the strap. This was going to hurt like hell. For a moment the thought crossed her mind that she might scream during this ‘extreme spanking” (as the other prisoners referred to it). But the legally required pain sensors would make sure she only felt the need to do regular crying. She would certainly…

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Astrid pulled her umbrella from its strategic position just to her right. It had been placed at an angle that would indicate to anyone who might have wanted to share the cab fare, that she was either saving the seat or simply preferred not to have company. One would have needed to be particularly rude or thick to have missed such an obvious cue. Fortunately, the one hopeful-eyed young man who…

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I Miss Edith Bunker

This morning I listened to NPR’s “Weekend Edition – Saturday” and there was a piece about cross cultural and interracial marriage. Part of the focus was on how these relationships have been portrayed on tv, starting with “I Love Lucy ” and including “All…

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What are you babbling about, David Brooks?

I was just listening to NPR “All Things Considered”(if I recall correctly) and the host asked David Brooks what he thought about the federal court decision striking down Virginia’s anti gay marriage law.

Normally, I listen carefully to what Mr. Brooks…

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Spelling Team

There’s no “me” in”team” unless you take the “m” and the “e” separately, but then there you are… separate-ness.

Anyway there definitely its no “I” in “team”. So there. Then again there’s no “I” in “me” either, but I think that’s called Buddhism…


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Your Perfection

You are as perfect as your maker. Otherwise, why would your maker produce less than its best?

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Ted Nugent writes insanely racist Op-Ed about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. -

And I say let him write. Let him write all the hateful insanity he wants to. The worst that will happen is that he encourages other insane racists. Other more positive things will be greater solidarity among those of us who respect the truth of equality.…

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